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At Petland, we’re more than a pet store! We provide memorable birthday party experiences and tours in our store.
Tours, you ask? Yes, fun, informative and full of surprises. Looking to adopt a pet? You’ve
come to the right place! Petland pets make life better, in so many ways.



Birthday Parties

At Petland, we create memories with our in-store Birthday Parties.  Petland Birthday Parties include:

  • A guided tour with the Guest of Honour and up to 9 of their friends.  Each tour is approximately 50 minutes.  Customized tours will focus on your child’s interests and passions.  If your child loves reptiles, then get ready to get to know the snakes and lizards up close and personal!  Our tours are fun, informative and age appropriate.  We can’t guarantee what pets we will have in at the time, but we guarantee a fun time filled with great memories.
  • Every party comes with a Private Party Room.  Parents are welcome to add decorations and bring in cake and other food for guests.  A table and chairs are provided.
  •  Parties are 2 ½ hours.

Other things you need to know before you book a party.

  • Please make sure your guests are not allergic to pets.  We can’t guarantee that the child will not be in contact with a pet they may be allergic to.
  • Typically, we tour first, then the kids wash their hands *Very Important* and head into the party room for cake and gift-opening.
  • If the family is considering adopting a pet at the party *Surprise* then we can make that happen too.  We can discuss special pricing at the time of the booking.
  • As we do not staff the party room an adult must attend the party and help children to the washroom (stairs).  Your child’s party will be successful with a maximum of 10 children and a minimum of 2 adults in attendance.
  • Set up and clean up are included in your party rental however we do ask that all food, dishes and decorations be removed from the party room at the end of the party, and garbage put in the bin.  Our team will sweep, mop and wipe tables.

Create a memorable experience for your child’s birthday party!

Party During Store Hours

$150 + GST  

Party Outside of Store Hours

 $225 + GST

All parties must be prepaid and are subject to a cancellation fee of $50 within two weeks of the party.
We recommend booking at a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to get your preferred date.
To book your party, call Heather at 250-828-0810.



Petland guided tours are offered free of charge to senior’s groups, schools, and not-for-profit community organizations such as the Girl Guides and the Boys & Girls Club. 

Petland tours are interactive and informative.  Our guests may get an opportunity to hold a guinea pig or a snake…but never at the same time.

*Excuse our Petland humour*  


Tours are typically 50 minutes.   Give us a call to arrange your organization’s tour.

Pet Adoption Services

If you are looking to add a pet to your family, you have come to the right place. 

Petland Pets just make life better.  Hamsters, budgies cockatiels, conures, hedgehogs, ferrets, gerbils, chinchillas, lizards, spiders, bunnies, fish, cats and more.   

Petland Pet Adoption services focus on four (4) basic needs to make sure you successfully integrate your new pet into your family.

Maintenance – Let us teach you the right way to care for your new pet.  If you are bringing home a new fish, we can help you with what you need to keep their tank clean.  This basic principle is important for every pet.

Environment – A happy pet is a healthy pet.  Talk to our expert Pet Counsellors to make sure your pet is in the appropriate surroundings.   For example, we wouldn’t recommend you put a budgie in a parrot cage.

Nutrition – As with humans, nutrition is a very important component to good health and happiness.  Our Pet Counsellors can help you find the right food for your pet.  From special puppy food to dental care, we’ve got what you need to nutritiously feed your pet.

Behaviour – Did you know that bunnies need toys to play with?  They sure do. Like every pet, they all need entertainment and stimulation.  Petland is your first stop for the products, services, and advice to help your pet live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Cat and Kitten Adoption

Petland cats and kittens are adopted in partnership with the Humane Society.  We invite you to visit Petland to choose your feline friend and fall in love.  We will help fill out your application to the Humane Society.  Visit us in store for more details.

We can deliver to you

For a nominal fee we can deliver your favorite pet supplies to your door! For Kamloops area only within 25 minutes from our store. Call instore to arrange delivery! 250-828-0810.


Love tender, love true. Unconditionally.


A pet is one of the most beautiful ways to teach your child kindness.


Petland provides all the products and knowledge to help you care for your pet responsibly.


Petland Pets make life Better!

Your shopping made easy.

We are here to enhance your experience in every possible way.

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