We Thrive To Offer The BEST Service!

"The staff are really knowledgeable and super friendly, I'm setting up a tank and they helped with all my needs and all my questions ( I had a lot of questions) more importantly the fish are healthy and the department looks amazing! The whole store is clean and well organized. Thank you to all the awesome staff that set me up with my fluval flex!"

- Lisa Osaduik
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"Was part of an exploring tour. We did 3 pet stores in a row question of doing something on a rainy day. We found the prices very high compared to competitors. We didn't go as to compare quality or brands and probably this was the dividing factor why one item was twice as much. Good selection of food and toys for pets. Staff all dressed like safari people are easy to identify. Parking is tight at front but there is more on the side of the building."

- Martin Giguerek
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"Always super friendly inside, have been visiting this place for years. Would highly recommend for service, animals, and staff."

- Shanna Price
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"Great prices, great quality pet food. Made a mistake of buying from Amazon and pets wont eat it. Bought the same brand in store and pets love it. Very weird but true!"

- Peenak Kulkarni
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"The staff are great with all animals, pricing is nothing special. Very convenient pet store having everything you will need and some."

- Paul Topp
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"Their staff know fish! They have been really helpful, offering advice as I set up my first aquarium. They gave me helpful information about fish compatibility, plants, maintenance, and best equipment choices. I really like that there is always a knowledgeable staff member available to answer questions or test my tank water."

- Sandra Smith
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